Severe Weather
(Tornadoes, Hail, Flooding, Snow)
Learn how to protect your family from the threat of severe weather.

Brush Fire
(Fire, Evacuations, Prevention)
Brighton is surrounded by Agriculture, find resources to prepare for dry seasons.

Preparation for a Disaster is Every Family's Responsibility

Your family can take a number of steps to ensure that you are prepared in case of an emergency where emergency services may not be available for a short time. In the Brighton community, recent examples of where this type of situation might happen could include a tornado similar to the one that affected the Windsor area, or the snow storms that we experienced as a city several years ago.

These efforts can often be undertaken at minimal or no expense and without any special training or experience!

Preparedness: The Captain's Corner

Brighton Police Department Captain Al Sharon oversees the Brighton CERT team's volunteer work for the department. The captain tries to take time to share thoughts on opportunities to prepare our community for possible challenges we may face.

Brighton OEM offers free emergency preparedness classes. The Brighton Office of Emergency Management in concert with the Brighton Police Department, Brighton Fire Rescue District, and Brighton CERT offer free one-day classes to help you prepare for disasters!

Find a free class

We can deliver custom seminars at your business or organization. A certified trainer from the Brighton CERT team can schedule a free seminar or series of training offerings for your local business or organization. Offering your employees or members this valuable information can help keep your organization safe!

There are real benefits to being prepared!
Being prepared for the unexpected can help reduce the fear and losses that accompany a disaster. Sometimes by understanding the impact of disasters and how some types of dangers and damage are caused, you could help make changes which avoid or reduce certain types of danger completely.